Electric Bicycles

The Fr8 & Kr8 V8 are real Dutch bikes; Designed in Amsterdam by cycling enthusiasts who sweat the details, and hand made in the Netherlands. You sit comfortably upright and the bike is fully equipped for daily transportation, dry or wet, day or night.

The electric assist via a German made Pendix motor adds a new dimension: Ride easily with heavy loads, loaded up hills, greater distances against the Dutch wind. Ride to work in hot weather. No sweat.

Being a WorkCycles these bikes are built to live outdoors and endure years of day to day use.

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  • WorkCycles Fr8 V8

    WorkCycles Fr8 V8

    De Fr8 V8 met elektrische trapondersteuning via de Duits gemaakte Pendix motor voegt een nieuwe dimensie toe: fiets makkelijk zwaar beladen, tegen de wind in, of de heuvel op. Fiets langere afstanden naar je werk, zonder zweet.

    WorkCycles Kr8 V8

    WorkCycles Kr8 V8

    Kr8s are super easy to ride and handle with all kinds of (often precious) cargo. Our latest Kr8 V8 takes you further. Electric assist via a German made Pendix motor makes you super(wo)man: Ride with heavy loads, even uphill and against the wind.